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"Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee."


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Founded in 2017, Elevated Roast curates, prepares and shares some of the world's best coffee beans. We value the quality and taste of our product above all else, from farm to table.

Our beans are elevated

Elevated Roast starts with coffee grown on high-elevation, micro-climate estate farms. Our selections are roasted with precision to achieve flavors that nature intended, rather than bitter, pungent flavors imposed by overdeveloped roast. We take caring effort to NOT ruin what Mother Nature created so that we may deliver consistent, exceptional coffee with true approachability.

Our process is elevated

The roaster

We use the most eco-friendly roasting technology. Our fluid-bed process uses advanced technology to not only eliminate carbon emissions in the environment but also enhance overall coffee bean flavor, quality and roasting precision — no smoke in your beans.

The water

For optimal flavor extraction, we provide a supplemental mineral packet to create professional-grade brewing water. Just add to one gallon of distilled water.

The timing

Our small-batch coffee beans are roasted fresh per order, immediately packaged and shipped directly to your door. We want customers to experience coffee at its peak drinkability, just a few days after being roasted.

The cupping score

On every bag, we offer a cupping score. This is what Q Graders publish when evaluating whether a bean achieves “specialty grade” — a total score of higher than 80 points.  This is coffee worth talking about. And the scoring elements can be a guide to suit your tastes as you shop.

Your process is elevated

Be your own barista. Your coffee preparation methods are just as critical to a delicious cup as our bean selection and roasting. That's why we created the Coffee Lab. We want you to understand the chemistry of coffee — from water to acidity and grind. With just a little attention and the right equipment, your morning routine becomes an art form. From pour-over “pulsing” to AeroPress variations, your coffee skills will quickly rise to meet your heightened palate.

Your feeling is elevated

This is coffee you can feel good about. It’s not just fresh, delicious and caffeinated; it’s also ethically sourced. We ensure that every bean we purchase exceeds the fair trade price by more than 4 times. This isn’t charity. We are buying a premium product, and we are happy to pay a premium price to source the finest coffee.

About the owner

Elevated Roast is owned and operated by Chuck Nigash, a small-batch coffee roaster based in Bainbridge Island, WA. This serious brew junkie has been roasting coffee at home for his friends and himself since 2005. His affinity for detail (and nerdery) — rooted in his years as a writer, editor, designer, 3D artist and software trainer — is reflected in Elevated Roast and his quest for the best cup.

About Us