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Ethiopia Guji Hambela Dabaye

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Tasting Notes: Sweet floral notes, raw sugar, grapefruit finish 
Cupping Score: 93
Bean Weight: 12 & 16 oz

Our highest-scoring coffee, and priced below competition. This wet-processed lot from Hambela Dabaye (6000-6800 ft elev) packs impressive sweetness, and blossoms with Guji floral cup characteristics. Like Gesha, or a super floral Yirgacheffe, it is incredible pour over at light to medium roast. A more intense sweetness emerges from the wetted grounds, you will find a potent mix of partially raw sugars and fragrant florals, as well as a hint of grapefruit. How perfumed is this cup? The jasmine aroma is intense, leaving quite an impression on the cup profile, tasting akin to fresh Gesha. It's really special, and it's the note that stands out on first sip, and sticks with you after finishing the cup! The sweetness underneath is a bit like demerara sugar or raw honey. Not only was the pour over and the AeroPress amazing but also the single-origin espresso, ground finer than darker roasts with 40-second shots, 1:2 ratio at 197F.  Remarkable, no matter how you make your drink, but be careful not too much milk as it mutes the dancing acids that deliver the fruit.