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Exclusively Light Roast
Tasting Notes: Kisses of fruit & intense dark chocolate 
Cupping Score: 91
Bean Weight: 12 & 16 oz


Exclusively light roast. Inclusively created for pour over, AeroPress, french press and espresso. We went all in on a mix of high-mountain heirloom African cultivars that are bright, sweet and floral — everything you’d ask for in a coffee. A rich body with a tactile, fruited twist builds out a complexity not found in many roasts. As the cup cools to 140F, high sweetness and fruit tones race across your taste buds to the finish line. Used as extraction — AeroPress shines with deep-body flavor from the 170F recommended brewing temp and constant plunge to the bottom.  As espresso, we pre-infused shots at 4 bars pressure for 10 seconds to start a syrupy intensity, then progressed to 9 bars for 15 seconds, reducing flow to 4 bars for the remaining shot.  Pressure-profiling, if you have this ability, will create an intense experience with any milk-drink option.  Hold on to your cookies!