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Colombia Finca Los Alpes

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Tasting Notes: Elephant-heart plum, mango, honey
Cupping Score: 92
Bean Weight: 12 oz & 16 oz

Our most meticulously produced coffee, the Finca Los Alpes, grows in a 6,500 ft elevation paradise of creeks, rivers and waterfalls that irrigate this farm in the Cochuana forest. 100% Caturra, the beans are big and beautiful. What grows in this perfect micro climate is carefully picked and fermented in a carbonic maceration, a method taken from the wine industry to intensify characteristics of the fruit. In the cup, it is rich and full-bodied even at light roast. Medium will bring a longing texture of sweet milk chocolate with juicy fruit lingering in the background. The Los Alpes, like all dry-processed naturals, browns quickly at light roasting — a reveal to the depth of impression it will leave on your palate. Single-origin espresso shines in the cup, rich and thick. One of the finest examples in its graded Excelso EP, this tropical impression of a drink will leave you thankful that you have a bag of such a limited crop.