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Ethiopian Heirloom Sidamo

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Tasting Notes: Berry, Orange, Raspberry
Cupping Score: 89
Bean Weight: 12 oz

Oh boy. We've sampled more than two dozen Ethiopians to get this far, and finally found this prototypical varietal. Berries race to the front of your palate at light roast, then come mandarin orange followed by vanilla notes and brown sugar at medium.  This is another satiny drink, extremely pretty-tasting once it hits 135 degrees and descends to cooler sips. We love this prized bag and were able to buy more than usual to offer a better price than some at this cupping score.  This delivers an incredible combo of citrus flavors with an effervescent acidity that leaves a tingle on the tongue.  Jasmine and rose aromatics round out the focused fruit character for a complexity that we rarely see in even the best Ethiopian coffees. Live on the edge and order it dark for wild and wiggly single-origin espresso.