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Vintage Select Guatemala

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Tasting Notes: Brandied Apple, Hinted Alder
Cupping Score: 91
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This has such a solid profile — the intersection of brandy and crisp apple — and an underlying waft of alder that pulls through as the cup cools to 140F and below. Grinding this coffee produces a smell of woody praline. Any specialty roaster reading this will blow a fuse because of a discipline to think about coffee in terms of seasonality and fresh crop. In fact, more than a century ago, it was thought that all green coffee improved with age and aged coffee received higher prices. Sure enough, that applies here. This varietal called Xinabajul (she-nah-ba-hool) was well-preserved in air-tight bags 3 years. Its sugars turn dark quickly despite a medium profile of 420F. We swooned over it with a Melodrip pour over (coarse), or AeroPress (coarse) with a 90-second soak and 30-second extraction. It held up as espresso but was better as a straight doppio because, at medium roast, it won't stand up to cream or milk, so please know ... not all blondes have more fun.