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Honduras Bourbon Decaf

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Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Butterscotch

Cupping Score: 88
Bean Weight: 12 oz

From the 6,000-foot mountain region of Ocotepeque comes a sweet and syrupy decaf that is versatile enough for pour over and espresso.  A Mountain Water Process, this bourbon varietal is a big step up from those off-tasting decaf’s. Notes of vanilla, butterscotch and even apricot are found in this medium-roast profile — exceedingly sweet for decaffeinated. It is delightfully chuggable no matter how it’s brewed. On pour over, it screams vanilla and stone fruit; at longer ratios — and espresso — you’ll find butterscotch and raisin. With steamed milk it will probably taste like a vanilla fudge sundae. Yum!  Lastly, this is the first decaf that made our roster of curated beans — most decaf’s just don’t carry the kind of flavor we like to see. That changes here.