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Polar Espresso

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Medium Roast Tasting Notes: Chocolate bar, blueberry
Dark Roast Tasting Notes: 90% cacao, toffee, truffle
Cupping Score: 91
Bean Weight: 12 & 16 oz


With the holidays in mind, we wanted something that went all-in with a prolific blend of wet process Ethiopians (bright, floral, sweet) and dry process for a fruited twist — needless to say, this blend is as loaded as the Model S. It is our highest-scoring espresso to date, boasting heirloom cultivars.  It’s also our only espresso we offer in two profiles, dark and medium. An intense chocolate profile, with high sweetness, fruit tones, this bean is tempered at a medium roast. Straight espresso shots are best in this profile. Shots pull beautifully, producing a thick, velvety cap to the liquor. Ristretto (20-22g grind, 30ml shot) offer a distilled flavor of dark chocolate bar and blueberry, notes of red plum and fig, and mouthfeel exceptionally creamy. For latte, cappuccino and other milk drinks, our dark-roast option stands and delivers with an intense bittersweetness and a sweet undercurrent — the perfect mouthfeel. Look for a toffee crumble and 90% cacao bar with a subtle edge of smokiness. Complex layers of dark-chocolate ganache, cocoa-dusted truffle and bittering nibs should challenge you to order one more bag beyond what goes under the tree. No matter what your roast preference is, Polar Expresso will brighten your holiday with a shot filled with deep-chocolate roast flavors and a bright snap.