Grinding Principles

Grinding Principles

In short, size matters. Controlling this variable allows you to improve the taste of your coffee, ensure repeatability, experiment with recipes and adjust to your preference. Coffee flavor can be compromised by grind size. Choose the wrong one and the result is weak or bitter brews.

Here is a baseline for grind size and the brewers that work with them. Experiment, starting with these examples, then adjust finer or coarser, longer or shorter brew times. Be creative — as you increase grind size, you can lengthen brew times. This is where immersion and extraction offer so many profiles, there is no getting bored, cup to cup. Th e more coarse you grind, the cleaner and sweeter you brew. Finer grind produces greater acids with heavy body — you'll quickly find yourself lowering the temperature to offset bitterness.

Get a good burr grinder — one instance in which money can truly buy you love.


Ibrik, Turkish, Espresso Extra Fine
AeroPress (fast) or Espresso-type brew devices such as the Bellman CX-25P Fine
AeroPress (fast), Drip Coffee Medium Fine
Pour Over, Clever Dripper, AeroPress (med soak) Medium
Pour Over, Clever Dripper, French Press, AeroPress (slow soak) Medium Coarse
Coffee Toddy (cold-water extraction brewers) Coarse

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