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Jamaica Blue Mtn Peaberry

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Tasting Notes: Milk-chocolate truffle, heavy cream, polished
Cupping Score: 94
Bean Weight: 6 oz

One of the most refined and revered varietals, Blue Mountain is a perennial palate-turning coffee for the discerning drinker. It is full of flavor, completely balanced and brings a level of satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. Spoiler Alert: It will remind you throughout the cup that this is a game-changing coffee not often experienced -- about 85% is exported to Japan. Most Blue Mountain is normal-sized at 17/18; these are hand-sorted 13/14 peaberries, accounting for about 5% of the harvest. Because peaberries are dense, they hold more flavor with less acidity. Combine that scarcity of bean from this rare a varietal and you can see why it's a splurge coffee or a very special love gift. Roasted exclusively medium to guarantee that sweet spot.