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Blueberry Blossom

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Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Watermelon, Peach 
Cupping Score: 91
Bean Weight: 12 & 16 oz

A bouquet of fruit-forward notes and aromatics makes for a cup you will want to sip a wee bit longer than most. Because as it cools, a refined liqueur of blueberry and watermelon in the lighter roasts or more coarse grind will blossom like a spring sunshine. Medium roasts will caramelize into flavors where peach and apple take over, offering more textured body throughout the drink. The combination of these G1-rated beans from more than 6,800 feet in Ethiopia's Bombe mountains will offer a waft of watermelon and strawberry sweetness all its own. The Sidamo heirloom beans are meticulously dried for 15 days to drive a complexity you surely have been missing.