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Cookies & Crema

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Tasting Notes: Kokoleka, banana, vanilla, cream
Cupping Score: 93
Bean Weight: 12 oz & 16 oz

On first sip, you are reminded of silky artisan cacao resembling the refined Hawaiian Kokoleka. And not far behind are exotic, mixed tropical fruit that blooms with banana, spirals with fermented body, and lingers long after in creamy vanilla. At medium roast, this blend of rare Caribbean peaberries exceeds anyone's expectation for a cup no matter how you brew it — from pour over to espresso. Dare we suggest, to black-coffee enthusiasts, that a dollop of cream in this cup would give Unforgettable a run for that Grammy. While most espresso is hard to stomach straight, this one goes down easily on roasted marshmallow swallows. Unmistakably exceptional, this coffee sets a high bar for low-acid mouthfeel — the ultimate closer in your library of roasts. Cookies & Crema is the most complex on our menu, a palate-pleasing, head-turning, convo-starting, hand-holding cup of brew sure to be mistaken for a Valentine's moment.