Pour Over

Pour-over coffee starts with fresh-ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder, often called a 'pour-over dripper.'

At the most basic level, pour-over brewing involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavors into your cup or serving vessel. Seems simple, right?

Let's go a few levels deeper. This method involves three phases: wetting, dissolution, and diffusion. Each phase is linked to the others, and they affect what comes next.

There are several choices of devices for pour-over brewing, and each will deliver a strength.

Chemex brewers use a double-bonded filter to catch fats and fibers. The effect is that you get a refined texture at the expense of body. That's a tradeoff only you can decide. Chemex comes in at least four sizes where most pour-over devices make a single cup.

The Hario or Kalita v-shape cones produce a clean and balanced cup. They are aerodynamically built to keep from grinds developing water channels that results in less development.

The devices all offer you the latitude of speed in your dripping technique.

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