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Tasting Notes: Ganache, almond, honeysuckle 
Cupping Score: 93
Bean Weight: 12 oz

A genie grants you 3 wishes. This coffee deserves to be one of them. Another example of silky mouthfeel, delicate aroma, long and sweet aftertaste from rare microlots that challenge you to find at this price point (trust us, there isn’t — the quality here is comparable at $75 elsewhere). Arabica’s typica bean is one of the low-acid varietals found to have refined balance — this blend of scarce peaberries follows in that order. We found notes of honeysuckle at the end of a chocolate-almond body that was remarkably buttery. There are very little of these beans and we bought enough to last through Christmas gift-giving. This coffee was carefully sorted by hand for defects, and it shows in the cup as well as the Q-grader’s score. It is gently bittersweet, with attractive notes emerging into a long, clean finish. Sip it slowly and give yourself enough time to ponder your remaining 2 wishes.