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Kenya Peaberry

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Tasting Notes: Orange, blackberry, Cadbury chocolate
Cupping Score: 90
Bean Weight: 12 & 16 oz

This collection of hand-sorted peaberries comes from a farm collective at Mt. Kenya in Africa at about 6,500 feet. Kenyans are among the most meticulous for their coffee — and one sip reveals why. The wet aroma resembles the depth of fig-fruited cake, from a blend of simmered brown sugar with nectarine, orange and blackberry. For such a crisp and fresh cup, this cools off and unpacks with a real softness. At medium to dark, there's a deep Cadbury milk chocolate grabby quality. The dark roasts have such a medium-body chocolate richness, it stands up very well as a single-origin espresso — compact, dark-chocolate taffy and fruited tartness up front.