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Shantawene Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes: Watermelon, Strawberry
Cupping Score: 92
Bean Weight: 12 & 16 oz

Dry process Ethiopians — from terroir ranging close to 7,000 ft — are perhaps some of the most complex coffees we have sold (see also Blueberry Blossom), and this G1 lot from Shantawene Village is a testament. A light roast produced potent aromatics of winey and ripe fruits, plus faint floral notes. Dry fragrance had fruited smells of dehydrated berries, dark fruits with wine-like accents, and an interesting note of strawberry yogurt. The wet aroma showed a very nice floral note on the break, like ripe blueberry, a sweetness like fruit preserves, with peach, and an intense sweetness behind it. At light roast, the fruits in the cup are pretty heavy-handed, with flavor notes of strawberry jam, watermelon juice, stone fruit, and accents of fruity natural wines. The acidic impression has a refreshing quality, like fresh strawberries, that cuts through the complex cup profile and adds structure to the array of wilder fruit. A very attractive floral aroma like that of sweet pea flowers is very present. Medium roasts don't spoil the fruit flavors completely, and this profile is outstanding for off-centered espresso.  This nearly defect-free Grade 1 lot should be on anyone's list for spectacular cold brew, filter coffee or espresso.